Welcome to our Club!


Being the largest international club in Denmark, Copenhagen Celtics has had the great honour to welcome members from all corners of the globe.   


One can guess from the Club’s name that there is certainly a contingent of players from the windy Islands to the West (namely the UK and Ireland), but we can say with confidence that we have welcomed players from most countries, including of course Denmark. 


The club language is English (and Danish), but due to the rich variety of players, don’t be surprised on match day to hear most European languages, along with the occasional exotic one, English with an Irish accent for example ;).


Whether you are new to the city, or have been in Copenhagen for many years…, you are welcome at Copenhagen Celtics.  We are a unique network of people in Denmark, all with a passion for football, and weather permitting, the enjoyment of a cold beer after a game. 


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