Whos at the Helm?


The glue that holds the club together?  The running of such a large club requires th tireless work of the chosen few, who are named below.  

Aidan Coogan

A vetern of both the club and the earth, a true CPH Celtics legend.

Roddy Walker

Roddy captains the ship through the storm, and keeps the club on course.

Board Memeber
Christopher Pilbeam

Chris continues tirelessly to try and move the club along with the times.

David Kavanagh

Dave tries to make a lot of lemonade, out of not so many lemmons!

Board Memeber
Jon Treacher

Jon is a club man to the core and drives the club social scene!

A legend in the making!

Board Memeber
Stuart Murry

Veteran of the club who has called Copenhagen his home for longer than most

Board Memeber
Ben Hamilton

Long time member of the club, and a renowned quizmaster

Board Memeber
Christian Wenande

A quality footballer, despite being half American.. Every team wants him!