Kits and Equipment



Match Days


Kit will be provided on match days, which includes Jersey, shorts and socks.   


So remember to bring your boots, and shin pads (as you will not be able to play without them)!!! 


The whole team’s kit is washed by one player each week, so expect to be responsible for this at least once in a season, and think how to get it home with you ("sorry I’m on my bike" is an overused excuse). 


The manager will keep tabs on who has washed the kit, but why not be proactive and volunteer! 




Footballs and other training equipment (including bibs) will be provided, what you choose to wear is down to your own personal style and/or your club/country allegiance!

Note that winter training/matches takes place on 4th generation astroturf, so moulded stud boots are recommended.  For the most part summer training/matches take place on grass, but occasionally on artificial turf.