Underdogs Ireland Claim Victory in 2016 Summer Tournament

It was an incredible turn out for this year’s summer tournament held at Kløvermarken, we were over 100 players (10 Teams), plus family and friends. Everyone enjoyed the day, which included music, BBQ and naturally a few beers.

The competition was fierce, and at one point it looked like there could have been an England Vs. Ireland final (“think of the children!”). Both the semi finals and finals were decided on penalties, which unsurprisingly was not good for England! Denmark and Ireland had played over 2 hours of football before the final, and enjoyed a cheering crowd from not just the other teams, but also passers by, who stopped to watch a thrilling match. Eventually Ireland held their nerve in the penalty shoot out, to become 2016 Champions!

On the morning Ireland did not look like the likely winners, with some late dropouts, luckily ‘Damo’ (McNemera) who came on the day to help referee, dusted off his boots and helped Ireland to victory. Was it that…. he refereed the first game for Ireland (controversial victory against Wales-Scotland), or was it that he borrowed the boots of an Englishman (Blasphemy!), or was it the strategic genius of their manager David Kavanagh? All speculation aside, Ireland was certainly the team that gave the biggest fight on the day, and to the joy of all football fans, this was enough to give them victory.

It was not all bad news for teams that went out of the competition; upon leaving they were rewarded with a case of cold beer. Looking at some of the results it seems that some teams may have heard a rumor about this before hand… and seemed to be racing towards an early exit.

We were fortunate enough to welcome teams from outside the club, which included Copenhagen Vikings, The United Nations (semi finalist) and Saxo Bank. I think all had a good day, and we very much hope to see them at next years event.

The day could not have happened without the huge work involved in planning the event and setup/organizing on the day. Thanks to Jon T, Chris, Dan S and Ton B for organizing the event. Also thanks to Peter D for organizing the bouncy castle, which was a mega hit with the kids, and to Simon S and Jonesy who manned the BBQ and ensured we were all well fed.

Also thanks to all those that came early on the day to set up and stayed late to clear up, and last but not least to Mikkel from Café A (kløvermarken), who hosted us for the day and only almost ran dry for beer J .

Comments, ideas and questions are all welcome at the AGM, with regards to planning next years event.. also volunteers to organize are more than welcome!

Look forward to 2017

On Behalf of the Copenhagen Celtics