AGM: Annual General Meeting 2016/2017

Copenhagen Celtics Annual General Meeting (AGM) Its time to discuss the future of the club, and decide what we keep or change in 2017! The meeting is open to all members of the club, and we encourage all to join in the discussion and help the club grow in the way its members would like. The event takes place at one of the cities watering holes, so we can sink a few pints together underway, plus at the meetings close, we will have the FA cup game on the big screen (Man City Vs. West Ham). There will be an agenda for topics to discuss, but we would love to hear constructive comments, ideas and questions.. and as always we would like to see people raising their hand, to give some time to support the club, for example help with 2017 Summer Tournament! Please sign up via the Facebook event, lets celebrate the success of last season with a pint or two ;o) On Behalf of Copenhagen Celtics See you there!