Copenhagen Celtic Summer Party 2019 - Game Rules

So here are some highlights on the structure of the games for the day.

1. Normal 7-a-side rules apply i.e the ones we use for DAI games.

2. Games in groups are 30 mins - no half-time (this will be re-assessed on the day when we look at the weather forecast)

3. Games in finals are 20 mins, then 10 extra time, then penalties

4. There is a 50 min break between games for all teams (in group stages)

5. Excluding penalties, there is a minimum 30 min break between finals (including jump from group to final)

6. Top 2 in each go through, then also the 2 best performing 3rd places

7. Most teams will be asked to ref one group stage match.

8. First Games start at 10:00

The organizing team have really tried their best to make this as fair as possible. But if we all pitch in and help on the day we'll all have a fantastic event. Please remember this is a family friendly event and we are playing for fun not the World Cup